Twitter Helping Fight Fake News

Twitter is getting a jump start on the midterm elections by adding special labels to tweets from U.S. political candidates in a move to provide users with "authentic information" and prevent fake accounts. Learn about it here.

Facebook Live Continues To Grow

3.5 billion broadcasts and counting - Facebook Live continues to grow as a powerful marketing tool since its 2016 debut. Forbes breaks down 4 helpful tips to keep in mind when planning your next live broadcast. Click here to read the tips.

A New Threat Arises In The World of Fake News

New technology creates new threats of fake news and political campaigns should be worried. Click here to read the details on the concern and be sure to watch the video of President Obama to learn what the future of campaigns might look like.

Google News Is Getting A Revamp

Google News is getting a revamp with more video and faster load times. Google is giving Google News a redesign that will bring in elements from its Newsstand app and YouTube, according to sources who spoke with AdAge. The redesign is expected to debut at Google I/O next week, and the sources say that Google has been in talks with publishers as of late about the impending changes, which will consolidate many Google features into one product. ”There are a lot of Google services where you find news,” one publishing executive said, “and what they’re trying to do is bring it all under one brand.” Click here to read more.

Change That Password

It’s time to change your Twitter password. Twitter recently confirmed they had uncovered a bug that allowed passwords to be stored in unsecure log files. These files could have been accessed by third parties. The company says the problem has been fixed, but we strongly recommend changing your password. Read about it here.


Analog childhood, digital adulthood. Xennials – they’re not quite Gen X, not quite Milllenials. How can marketers find a way to tap into this micro generation? Forbes offers some great advice. Click here to learn more about Xennials and how to market this micro-generation.