Welcome to IWS Shelby Jackson

IWS is happy to welcome to the team our new Phoenix Account manager Shelby Jackson!

Shelby Jackson has over 4 years of experience in digital marketing and branding from her roles in both corporate marketing and advertising agencies. She has experience in the automotive, healthcare, fitness, beauty, restaurant, home service and nonprofit industries and has a passion for driving measurable results for her clients. 

Shelby is an Arizona native and attended Arizona State University where she studied Communication and Media Analysis. She began her career as Digital Marketing Strategist at Barrett-Jackson where she managed editorial planning and social media marketing. Coming from the fast-paced world of live events, she’s found herself quite at home in the swiftly moving agency atmosphere. 

When Shelby is not working, she enjoys road trips, photography and cuddling cats. Welcome to the team Shelby!

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2018 Marketing Plan

As 2017 is winding down, do you know what your digital marketing for 2018 looks like? Read this article from Adweek which covers the 5 top social media trends that will make the best impact in the coming year, then contact IWS to discuss your 2018 strategy plan! 

Daniel is in DC

Daniel is spending the week in DC and had the opportunity to show our friends at QFI the importance of phone photography and how to take a good phone photo. Educating our clients on all aspects of marketing is important part of what we do at IWS. 

IWS Family is Growing

In 2018, the IWS family will grow by 2! Nicole and Brian Ward and Colin and Michelle Shipley are both expecting babies!  The Shipley’s will welcome their 2nd child just shortly after the New Year, while the Ward’s are expecting their little blessing on Valentines Day. Join us in congratulating both Nicole and Colin!

Happy Fall

Today marks the 2017 Autumnal Equinox. All in Phoenix greatly welcome this day as we say goodbye to the summer heat! Happy Fall!

Syms Visits Arcadia High School

IWS client Maria Syms recently enjoyed her time spent time at Arcadia High School learning about their exciting academic programs and speaking with students about her life as a state legislator. Maria Syms represents LD28.

Pennsylvania Chamber's 33rd Annual Dinner

Last night Paul McKay and Colin Shipley had the opportunity to hear from Chris Wallace of FOX News Sunday at the Pennsylvania Chamber's 33rd Annual Dinner.
In addition, Chris Wallace moderated an in-depth conversation with former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney and former White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card.

Marketing Transformation

As the marketing landscape is going through major transformation (a.k.a. revolution), so are the competencies and skills required to lead a marketing organization.The VP of Marketing at Starbucks spoke about her career, the experiences she found most valuable, and the mindset that helped her shape her leadership style.

Our industry is in a state of flux. People are consuming content at lightning speeds, in greater volumes than ever before – thumbing through more than 300 feet of content per day (the height of the Statue of Liberty). As marketers, we’re challenged to create content that catches eyeballs and satisfies the demand. The Global Creative Director of Facebook discussed how industry leaders can collaborate to meet – and exceed – consumer expectations and ultimately elevate the mobile experience.

Over the last few days, I enjoyed meeting and getting to know marketing colleagues from across the country! We were able to discuss challenges we each face at our companies and share ideas and practices we use!

First Thing’s First Annual Early Childhood Summit

President, Max Fose and Account Director, Nicole Ward were honored to present at First Thing’s First Annual Early Childhood Summit at the Phoenix Convention Center in August. The summit brings together professionals, stakeholders and supporters of early childhood education and health to share innovative strategies, research and best practices. Max and Nicole discussed how early childhood professionals could use social media to engage Arizona residents and families to help support the health, development and learning for children age birth to five.