Welcome to IWS Shelby Jackson


Welcome to IWS Shelby Jackson

IWS is happy to welcome to the team our new Phoenix Account manager Shelby Jackson!

Shelby Jackson has over 4 years of experience in digital marketing and branding from her roles in both corporate marketing and advertising agencies. She has experience in the automotive, healthcare, fitness, beauty, restaurant, home service and nonprofit industries and has a passion for driving measurable results for her clients. 

Shelby is an Arizona native and attended Arizona State University where she studied Communication and Media Analysis. She began her career as Digital Marketing Strategist at Barrett-Jackson where she managed editorial planning and social media marketing. Coming from the fast-paced world of live events, she’s found herself quite at home in the swiftly moving agency atmosphere. 

When Shelby is not working, she enjoys road trips, photography and cuddling cats. Welcome to the team Shelby!